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Emiliano Sala’s family want truth about plane crash revealed

Footballer Emiliano Sala’s household, who died when came down in the English Channeland insist that they will do everything possible to be sure the facts about the accident is revealed.
Sala has been on his way into the club by Nantes if the incident occurred back in January and has been the record signing of Cardiff.
The Air Accident Investigations Branch disclosed before the airplane came down, that he and pilot Dave Ibbotson, who died in the crash, had suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.
The family set up a site to find Sala’s figure in the aftermath of the incident and there were reports that they may do the exact same.
The family said in a statement, issued through their solicitor:”Emiliano’s family were frustrated with the AAIB’s response to Emiliano’s death.
“They were particularly surprised if, at the immediate aftermath of this incident, it appeared that the AAIB had given up on running a full search for the aeroplane so it dropped on them to perform this.
“Without David Mearns locating the plane, Emiliano’s body may not have been recovered as well as the possible significance of carbon monoxide poisoning of him and the pilot would never have been understood.
“The family still hope that the inquest procedure will supply them with all the answers they find in relation to Emiliano’s death and air safety is going to be improved, for example, prevention of deaths later on. They hope their faith in English justice is not betrayed.
“The family are keeping all options on the desk as to their next move. They will do everything possible to ensure the truth about this horrible accident is revealed, so no household has to go through the same torment.”

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